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GDC Masterclass - November 3-4 & December 8-9, 2022

The GDC Masterclass program is comprised of small-group workshops that deliver in-depth, hands-on training from industry experts around some of the most important challenges facing game developers today.

These interactive courses go beyond high-level theory to provide students with individualized feedback and practical experience that can be applied directly to their work. Class sizes are kept intentionally small to ensure every student receives one-on-one assistance from the instructor. Instructors are hand-selected by the GDC team to ensure their expertise and hands-on experience in their field. 

November and December 2022 courses will be taking place completely online via Zoom during PST working hours. 

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Fall 2022 Virtual Courses

Advanced Steam Strategies for Game Studios and Publishers with Chris Zukowski

What tactics are the top studios using on Steam? In this intense course you will learn the behind-the-scenes techniques that will leverage your back-catalog, creative talent, and connections to the fullest.

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Building Excellent Teams and Culture in Game QA with Kari Toyama and Anthony Price

This two day course will cover ways to build, grow, and champion professional QA teams within a game studio or publisher of any size.

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A Practical Approach To Physical Lighting In Unreal Engine with Kevin Nally

A practical and comprehensive class on using Physical Lighting methods in Unreal Engine.

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Advanced Publisher Pitching: Strategy and Pitch Optimization for Scoring Deals with Jason Della Rocca

This masterclass will focus on pitching and scoring publishing deals for premium PC and console games. Learn what it takes to get noticed, line up meetings, and demonstrate that your game is an unmissable business opportunity. Attendees will have the chance to practice their pitch and receive direct feedback for improvement.

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Creating and Designing with Your Own Pattern Language with Chris Barney

Practice creating Game Design Patterns based on your personal design experience, then put those patterns to use in a practical group design.

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How To Bring Story And Gameplay Together with Susan O'Connor

This hands-on workshop will help you become the writer that designers love to work with (or vice versa).

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Microservice Architecture in Game Design with Jeff Lent

This hands on one day workshop will teach you the basics of building microservices to support server side functionality for your games.

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Past Courses

Funding Your Studio: Pitching to VCs and Fundraising Strategy with Jason Della Rocca

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Designing, Developing, and Funding Healthcare Games and Digital Therapeutics with Noah Falstein & Dasy Mandel

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Intro to Unity Shader Programming with Russell Campbell

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