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As the world’s largest professional game industry event, GDC brings together 29,000 attendees for five days of education, inspiration, and networking.

Join us in the GDC Expo to showcase your products and services to thousands of game professionals seeking new tools and inspiration to make quality games.

GDC attracts a global audience of game professionals. At GDC you’ll meet:

  • Programmers: Graphics Programmer, Software Architect, Engineer
  • Artists: Environment Artist, Technical Artist, 3D Character Specialist, Art Director
  • Producers: Product Managers, Production Director, Blockchain Development Strategist
  • Game designers: Animation Designer, Creative Director and Game Designer, Senior Experience Designer
  • Audio professionals: Audio Director, Composer, Sound Creator
  • Studio managers: Studio Director, Studio Art Director
  • Business development professionals: Monetization Director, Head of GCR Business Development, App Store Business Manager
  • Investors: CFO, CEO, VP International Business, Director of Global Marketing Solutions, Head of APAC Gaming Sales

There are exhibition packages available to fit all budgets and an array of add-on marketing opportunities help you stand out onsite. Contact us to learn more about how GDC can help you reach unprecedented ROI.

A booth in the GDC Expo is your best opportunity to develop major brand exposure as you:

  • Exhibit alongside leaders in the industry: 550 exhibitors in 2019, 162 overseas exhibitors included Tencent, NetEase, X.D. Network, ZPlay, Do Global, and YooZoo
  • Make thousands of new business connections as you share your gaming tools and services
  • Meet with your target audience and/or existing clients: The GDC Connect Meeting Tool is the exclusive tool to help exhibitors set meetings onsite. Learn more with the GDC Connect walkthrough video.
  • Get an unparalleled opportunity for press exposure: 850+ media outlets represented in 2019

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Connecting the Global Game Development Community